Founded on the vision to create innovative sUAS solutions.



The company was formulated by a group that has set out to generate high quality sUAS vehicles for the customer mission requirements. Our team has many years experience in designing innovative sUAS, and manufacturing the vehicles. Since we have founded the business we have generated a fleet of sUAS that start at palm size all the way up to 100lbs GTOW. We can provide certified sUAS operators, or train your team to enable you to keep the operations fully in house. 



Zachary Johns

Travis Knapp
UAV Engineer/Technician




Open Positions


We are looking to bring in a skilled UAV pilot/technician! At UNREAL WORX Inc. we have the pleasure of traveling to new locations quite frequently to fly.


  • Private Pilot License

  • sUAS Flight certification, or multiple years RC flight experience

  • Skilled UAV builder

  • Familiar with Multi Rotor flight controllers and vehicle configuration

  • Familiar with running CNC (4 axis)